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Medicinal Technologies presents Endogen, its 1st ever product to be launched.

Product available to the public fall 2019

“Giving up is not an option”

About Us

Medicinal Technologies is a biomedical company offering consulting, research, and holistic treatments & cures. We provide alternative and innovative approaches in Biomedicine designed to heal the source of ailments, not only treat their symptoms. Our first product ENDOGEN, developed to provide a curative treatment for Endometriosis will be available early 2019. Contact us to discuss treatments for PCOS, fibroids, erectile dysfunction, low sperm count/mobility/morphology, hypertension, high cholesterol, cancers, detox, circulation, hormonal and endocrine balance.

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Endogen is a product of Medicinal Technologies, a sector of Tejeda Enterprises Inc. owned by Dr. Sheryene Tejeda. Endogen is the end product of a research study conducted by Dr. Tejeda in an effort to provide reversal processes for Endometriosis. Endogen itself is a three part therapeutic matrix that includes addressing the pscho-neuro, bio-physical, and bio-chemical aspects of an individual to attain healing.
Endogen supplements are veggie capsules that contains a combination all organic ingredients. It’s recommended for the improvement of circulation, and providing restoration to the endocrine system, as well as restoring and maintaining hormonal system balance. The matrix in its entirety was designed to reverse the biological processes that leads to the development of the mono-genetic disorder Endometriosis. Through targeting the mutated gene to deactivate abnormal cell processing, a reversal process is commenced that ultimately leads to cure. The product can also be recommended as an effective treatment for PCOS, fibroids, and other deficiencies related to the count, morphology, and motility of spermatozoa. Although highly recommended, results can not be guaranteed and will differ from one person to another.

Endogen 60 Capsules

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What my clients say

How Endogen has changed my life. Hear from our clients thus far.

I have found Dr. Tejeda to be extremely knowledgeable about my Endometriosis and anything to do with my reproductive health. I consulted Dr. T several months ago and my life has changed drastically so I trust her advice. “I can only recommend Endogen highly
To date, I am pleased beyond my expectation with Endogen. My cycles are so much better and the pain has gone completely. I am thrilled to be able to say that my Endometriosis has been cured.
Very sincerely yours,

"Giving Up is Not an Option"

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